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Exciting Updates and Important Changes on VoltMU!

  • VIP-Wing-Jewel: Now, upgrade your 4th wings to 5th wings with a guaranteed 100% success rate!
  • Tormenta Island: Explore more spots and uncover hidden treasures!
  • Siege Schedule Change: Siege now begins on Friday instead of Saturday!
  • Item Trading Fixes: Supreme sets, Emperor sets, and quivers can now be traded without issues.
  • Combat Balance: MG deals increased damage to Growl Lancer, while Growl Lancer inflicts reduced damage to MG.
  • New Volt Jewels: Discover powerful additions to your arsenal with our latest Volt Jewels!
  • Other Improvements: Experience various small fixes to enhance your gameplay!


  • MUHelper Plus Disabled: Say goodbye to return-to-spot hacks with the removal of MUHelper Plus on PvP and non-PvP servers!
  • Channel Restrictions: Non-PvP channel now limited to 1 account per IP, PvP channel allows 2 accounts, and VIP channel supports up to 3 accounts.
  • Online Reward Adjustment: Online 10-minute rewards removed to combat bot abuse effectively.

Treasure Drops Update:

Prepare for a wealth of rewards! Kingz, Fire, Boss Rathian, Green, and Giant treasures now yield abundant Wcoin boxes and rare jewels, including Black, Blue, Elite, VIP, Orange, Gold Helix, High Kingz, and Emperor Jewels instead of GP boxes. Plus, the 5th wings box now has a chance to drop from Giant Treasure alongside rare jewels!

Posted 14-05-2024