Mu online new updates, 24 june 2019 avo muonline top 100 server fixes:

Offtrade lorencia disable at pvp server, allowed ad non-pvp-2
Fixed move to loren/siege/instance and event-server from other servers
Max reset zen costs is now 7.5m instead of 15m
Fixed curse damage of summoner books
Fixed quest index 181 gate number in GuideQuest
Fixed success rate does not apply correctly in chaos machine while creating selected wings
Fixed a problem of item losing its mastery bonus options after use of Jewel of Kondar or Jewel of Excess on it
Fixed an issue affecting skill distance check, mostly affecting fourth skills
Fixed Senior Mixes does not support jewels stack systems
Fixed selected rings durability decrease problem
Fixed elemental damage does not apply on Shinning Peak Enhanced skill
Fixed usage of stacked Jewel of Life on Pets to recover their HP causing lose of entire jewels stack
Fixed hints not working for Scramble Event
Fixed invalid move location after use of Town Portal in Arca Battle area
Fixed ability to store unlimited count of Elena's Letter in inventory, allowed count now is defined by value of Overlap
Fixed custom jewels stack issue

Game Server performance improvements
Enabled back Labyrinth event
Fixed RuudShop.xml, Exc attribute change of item 2,32
Fixed missing map entries in English.xml (123-127)
Fixed resistance configuration of selected Rings and Pendants (ItemList.xml, item.bmd)
Fixed inability to manually stack custom jewels
Fixed mysterious stone application does not respect configuration of Luck for weapons
Fixed durability decrease for Jewels of Harmony and Refinery packs
Fixed mastery mixes issues (MasteryItemMix.xml)
Fixed possible gain of zen by overusing invalid price of selected jewels
Fixed selection of quests can be repeated for endless number of times
Fixed Game Server vulnerabilities

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