After we notice abuse of macro's and attempts of hacks/cheats we tightened our security

Therefore you must run update.exe in your avo muonline client,

or redownload the new client at our download section here:



- New antihack updates
-- Blocks many known cheats
-- Preventive macro detection & blocking
-- Teleport, skillrange and known stuff wont work anymore !
-- Auto-bot detection & block

- Ban-system included
-- it will be active in 2-3 days so you are warned !
-- automatically bans persons for a time and lifetime, depends on the hack/macro type!

-- compitableness with most antivirus programs, if some antivirus programs have problems with it, just put the file into the whitelist so you can play agian!

currently, we are using bitdefender, (awarded with the best antivirus ), with no problems at all

- All item-boxes & events-items must be thrown now ( solves problem not enough inventory space )
- elf,dl & gl have now 15% extra pvp-power vs BK only
- winning events gives wcoins now, instead of goblin points
- removed obtaining of goblin points
- all goblin points are now transferred to wcoins
- removed x-shop goblin points
- fixed minor translations for x-shop
- removed x-shop absolute set and added x-shop absolute box
- lord of ferea drops now % ruud boxes

- Added 2 new absolute sets

Posted 11 / 07 / 2019 By MuAdmin


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