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We gladly announce to you we finished avo mu online season 14. It will be one of the best mu servers online due to the fact we spend months of time to reach the perfect settings and gameplay experience. From levelup at the start to reach your full potential at 64.000 stats. Ready to face the big muonline bosses, hunting custom ancients and upgrading your sets with our unique new muonline jewels. Many maps have secret bosses & spots walk around the experience the true mu online feeling like the old days from muonline. There is plenty to hunt/collect and upgrade. Also for the hard core mu online grinders you can reach up to 100 grand resets 


Mu online season 4 the best muserver


Our grand mu online opening is scheduled at:

- Friday 31 MAY 2019


Muonline server information:


Our mu online servers are hosted on strong perfected dedicated mu servers at the US to provide low lag and a good muonline gaming experience. We hope you like all the effort we've put into it!

We wish you a great adventure at avo muonline!


Posted 27 / 05 / 2019 By MuAdmin


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